Impressionist Paintings

bob abrahams

Bob paints impressionist paintings and aims to create joyful visual dramas, where detailed photographic reality of the subject matter is not the primary aim. Like the impressionists, the investigation of the effects of the colour and temperature of light on the subject matter is very important.

Juicy paint adds Uniqueness

Tone and colour are the principal elements of his underlying composition; loose painterly brush strokes and thick juicy paint provide an interest and uniqueness to his paintings.

He regularly paints small studies from life and is inspired by past and present impressionists and plein air painters.  He considers the process of painting directly in the landscape and from real floral subjects as a primary source of inspiration.

An Infectious Impressionist Artist

Bob has sold paintings through local and regional art galleries, and has participated in numerous community exhibitions, winning awards at WA Art Society and being published in the Australian Artist magazine. He is an Impressionist Artist at heart. The many hundreds of satisfied art collectors who buy his painting through electronic media are a good indication of the quality and popularity of his work.

He hopes you will be thrilled by his loose, painterly and impressionistic style with brush strokes that appear to come to life when viewed from a distance. He suggests you sit back from the screen a little to fully appreciate and enjoy how a painting might look in your home. Professional quality art materials are always used to ensure long life of paintings.

Bob has won Numerous Awards

Bob completed an Arts Diploma at Perth Technical College in 1975, and has painted full
time since retiring from a successful business career in 2000. He has won numerous awards, and sold hundreds of paintings through exhibitions, art galleries, local exhibitions, e-Bay and private sales.

If you are not completely satisfied with his painting when it arrives just advise him by email, repack it and return by post. All returns are accepted for any reason and no questions asked.